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Recollections of

Peggy Gunter

Board Member, former Board President,

and former Board Treasurer

Many members (and some that were not even members – yet) pitched in prior to moving in to restore the interior to its former beautiful glory. The building had been closed up and unused for some time, so lots of cleaning was needed. There was a smell of mold that pervaded the sanctuary, most likely from the disgusting red carpeting that had been there since who knows when. The stage area for the sanctuary actually had a section that was repaired with wood from a ping-pong table!


Several people “adopted” different rooms or projects for renovation. Gerie Ann Selbe, with her vast expertise in interior design, was consulted in the design of the restoration, and virtually no design ideas were accepted until they were agreed to by her. We had painting parties and cleaning parties, as we solidified our UNITY and fell in love with our new location. Even some people (Janet Prince comes to mind) who were not even members yet pitched in to help with the renovation. Some people that helped were: Matt Schwartz, Pam Hippler, Sharon Mullins, Mindy Allenger, Peggy Gunter, Linda Austin, Karen Sylvester, Juanita Ruth One, Ruth Davis, David and Marianne Gettman, and many others.

Some members decided to “adopt” rooms to renovate. Mindy Allenger adopted the Children’s Sunday School Room, Ed and Peggy Gunter adopted the bathroom on the main floor. Ed Gunter was instrumental in several projects around that time. He hung sheet rock over the area near the back of the stage to lower the ceiling in that area. He built a cabinet to cover the front part of the large kitchen sink in the bathroom on the main floor. Peggy installed the tile around that same sink. Both Ed and Peggy laid the tile squares in the bathroom and painted the room. Ed also installed new flooring in the kitchen in the downstairs area. He built the stage in the Activity Room and upgraded the electrical system in that area.
As he was a heating and air conditioning contractor, he also installed a new HVAC system in the Sanctuary and replaced the HVAC unit in the Activity Room.

We all took such satisaction in improving and beautifying our new home, and it was such a great bonding time as we worked together!

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