Please note that all UKV Events

are being held virtually at this time.

Follow the Unity of Kanawha Valley Facebook page

or the Friends of Unity WV Facebook page for announcements on upcoming events.

We look forward to gathering again

at our Church once the COVID19 Pandemic

is safely under control.

Thank you for your understanding,

and we hope you will continue to support

UKV during these times of uncertainty.

See our Events Calendar below for a complete listing of upcoming events.

Unity of Kanawha Valley is comprised of many like-minded people, and we love to have fun! Most of our gatherings include food, whether it's a potluck lunch or light snacks before an evening get-together.

We usually have something going on every Friday night (see calendar below), whether it's getting together to watch a film, playing music, or singing. Watch our Events Calendar for opportunities for education by way of classes and workshops.


Soup Sale
Womens Dinner
New Member Service
Easter Egg Hunt
Community Involvement
Hot Dog Sale
Flower Communion
Sky with kids
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With gratitude, we accept your donations.
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